With over five decades of industry experience since our establishment in 1972 in India, we've redefined elevators as more than just transportation. As we expand our legacy to India, our portfolio boasts successful elevator installations and maintenance projects.


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Customized Home Elevators

Although, established to install and service residential & commercial Elevators, Express identified a void in the Home Elevator segment in terms of usage and reliability. The challenge was to design an elevator that could offer luxury, style and accessibility that one demands while easily fitting into one's home. Our premium Home Elevators are designed to meet the highest international standards of quality and provide a lifetime of dependable service. Leading architects, builders and designers are part of our panel that allows us to innovate continuously and be abreast with the latest market trends.The result is winning formula that has made Express the preferred choice in this category, we believe in true customisation where we not only suggest elevators that look stylish but make sure they are long lasting and reliable.This approach has won us repeated clients and a lot of consistent positive feedback.

Creating and sharing a unique and authentic product experience that stimulates our clients’ imaginations to fit an Elevator into tight spaces looking like a masterpiece.We have been on a mission to create Elevator experiences with utmost safety standards and comfortable vertical travel, starting a new division in the catering specially for home Elevators and adding to the old mission by offering premium Customised Home Elevators.

Customized Passenger Elevators

We deal in Passenger Elevators of all kinds. Be it a residential| complex or a commercial workplace, Express Elevators has all that it takes to design and install an elevator that provides maximum efficiency. Ranging from simple low-rise buildings to complex high-rise structures, Express Elevators has been instrumental with its Elevator Services to one and all be it a Manual Elevator or an Automatic one with high end accessories. Ranging from simple low-rise buildings to complex high-rise structures, Express Elevators has been instrumental with its Elevator Services to one and all be it a Manual Elevator or an Automatic one with high end accessories.

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Dumb Waiter / Daldoss

Express Elevators specialize in Service Elevators / Dumbwaiters for Vertical Transportation in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and private homes. We provide you with various options depending upon the weight, travel distance, type of door etc. making your selection of elevators specific and perfect.

Inclined Elevators

An inclined elevator consists of one or two inclined tracks on a slope with a single car on each carrying payload. In the case of a two-track configuration each car operates in a shuttle principle: it moves up and down on its own track independently of the other car. Unlike a standard elevator, it can go up tilted grades. It can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. The purpose of inclined elevators is to provide accessibility to steep hillsides and inclines at minimal effort to the user.An inclined elevator is a form of cable railway. Users with mobility and disability challenges often use an incline platform lift to climb staircases in their home with their mobility scooter or motorized wheelchair.Outdoor inclined elevators are used to access steep hillside property where stairs are not a preferred option for conveying passengers or loads. Inclined elevators can also be used to move equipment and materials to hard to reach elevated locations for industrial or construction purposes.

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Platform / Wheelchair Elevators

Platform or Wheelchair elevators offer the privacy of an elevator at the price of a stairlift, put bluntly. They can serve two or more floors by taking a small number of people, or up to two wheelchair users, up or down in an enclosed shaft. Unlike many stairlifts where a key and staff help are often needed for operation, platform lifts grant users’ autonomy by having easy-to-use controls inside the shaft. Although not as sleek, high tech and high performance as an elevator, platform lifts get users to the required destination with dignity and ease (and there is no need for members of the public to queue up on the staircase as there often is with a slow stairlift !).Another benefit of the platform lift is that it can be used indoors or out, and some are even designed for your own home ! They can also be designed and used for vertical and inclined spaces, and platform lifts are manufactured and installed to supply customers with the ideal product for their needs, regardless of ability.

Chair Elevators

A stairlift is a modern mobility aid used to help people with reduced mobility safely use their stairs. It’s a lift that takes the user up and down the stairs while sitting comfortably on a chair. Some refer to it as a chairlift. If someone can stand on your stairs, we’ll most likely be able to fit a stairlift on them.

Your stairs can be narrow, steep, curved straight, indoors, outdoors, with one or multiple landings or with a doorway at the top. No matter the situation, we’re likely to find a solution to help you regain your independence. Most of our stairlifts have the additional benefit of added optional features. Some of the options include: seat belt options, a retractable rail option, upholstery choices and choice of hand control.

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Lifestyle Elevators

When stairs become too much, the Lifestyle Lift is the ideal solution to helping you stay in the home you love. The innovative through-floor lift requires no lift shaft or major structural renovations, and it has been specifically designed to take up minimal space inside private residences. These are customisable to your needs, requires minimal building works, quick and easy to install and extensively tested.